Mood Lighting, also known as Up-Lighting adds another dimension to the feel and ambience of any venue. We have a huge stock of the latest L.E.D. Fixtures in both Silver Polished LED PARCAN 64 Design and the ultra bright Flat LED ParCan's

Our L.E.D. Lighting is P.A.T. Tested on a regular basis with our own in house technicians who are fully trained and we test all our own equipment, conduct the annual checks to ensure the calibration of out test equipment is 100%.

We can provide our lighting fixtures in various colours, and will recommend a colour to you, depending on the venue design, colour schemes of your wedding and the best colour to maximise the full effect of mood-lighting.

We can provide, White, Amber, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Cyan, Pink, plus various other shades with 256 light settings we are sure to get a colour which is right for you.